Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

Every girl I know that is interested in beauty, blogger or not, wants long lashes. And this multimillionaire beauty industry makes sure all girls have the long and voluminous lashes they want by producing mascaras and eyelash treatments that help eyelashes grow stronger and have more length. 

Products I use to beat the dry winter weather

If you are a regular reader here, you must all know my love for summer and my loath for winter, I complained several times about this terrible cold weather here and if I had my way, I would move to an exotic place that has 365 days of summer.  Winter and me do not fare so well and we will not be friends ever. 

Essence - new products

If you have been following me on instagram you would have notice that I did a little haul on Saturday and I visited a new beauty store that sells products from Essence.  I didn't need anything in particular, I only wanted to try two shades from their matt matt matt collection (02 perfect match and 03 wow effect) but these were not available and I purchased some other lovely goodies from their new collection.

Empties - Cleansers

After two weeks, 25 cups of coffee and 3425259 photos, I finally managed to finish this post. I wrote it two weeks ago and had it ready, but taking photos of these products was such a pain. Cloudy days are a nightmare. I took the first bunch of photos on a Saturday, the second the next day, then I had to do it all over again in the next weekend since the first two bunches were horrible. 

13 signs that indicate you are a beauty addict

Am I the only one that gets excited when it's the end of the month, which means only one thing: payday! And that means I can browse into my favourite websites and finally order all these products and makeup I have been saving in my basket throughout the month! Am I the only one? I don't think so. We all love makeup and we get excited when new products are launched, and I personally love trying new skincare products and face masks.

Essence The False Lashes Mascara - Dramatic Volume Unlimited

On the search to find the perfect drugstore mascara, I probably tried over 25 mascaras but I haven't found the one yet. Essence is well known for their great formulas in mascaras and I also tried many from Essence, some great and some not, some giving volume and not length and some giving length without the volume or curling effect. My favourite ever is the Essence Big Lashes Volume Boost mascara but I cannot find it anymore in stores, so maybe it's discontinued.

Happy Valentine's Day ♥

Today is a special day for those who celebrate love and Valentine's day is all about love. This day is the day where our instagram feed will be full of pink and red flowers, hearts, gifts, pink lipstick, red ribbon, happy people and honestly, I love this day. I love the happy mood everyone is on, making plans for the night to celebrate. But I strongly believe that we must celebrate each day of the year and show our love not only today, but every day.

KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lip Gloss

After all the hype of matte and dry liquid lipsticks, one would think: who on earth wears a lip gloss in 2017?  Personally, I haven't worn a lip gloss for at least 5 years since I hate my lips feeling sticky and also, my long hair always gets stuck on my lips if I wear one. Plus, many brands stopped producing lip glosses since there are other trends that brands focus on, such as lip stains and liquid lipsticks.

Valentine's Day lipstick - for those who don't wear red

My love for lipsticks is well known here on my blog but also in real life. My friends know, my fiance knows (he practically lives with them) and my mum once commented and asked me if my room was a department of a beauty store! It sure feels like it and I am sure every one of you feels that way. We collect so many lovely products or makeup and things that make us feel beautiful. And yes, I am a lipstick hoarder.

New In from Oriflame

Oriflame is probably one of the first brands I tried when I started using makeup and taking care of my skin. I remember me and my friends browsing through the catalogues and flipping the pages since this was the only way to order the products (yes, we are that old!) and taking notes on what products interest us and what makeup we were going to purchase and wear on our Saturday night out! Those were the relaxed and stress-free years and I miss them a lot. Oh well, I don't actually miss them, I just miss the fact that the only concerns and worries we had back then, were where to go for coffee, what to wear on a night out and who we will meet at the party.

W7 'The Nudes' lipsticks

I've talked about the W7 lipsticks in the past and how much I love them. From the moment I discovered this brand I became obsessed. The W7 products are extremely affordable (you know this girl loves nice and affordable products) and their lipsticks come in a variety of shades you wouldn't know which one to choose. And this girl chooses everything she sees!

14 Valentine's Day Blog Post Ideas

I know it's such a cliche to say I love Valentine's Day and every year I get excited about it and I truly believe we should celebrate our love every day of the year and not only on the 14th of February. But yes, I love this day.  I love everything about it, the mood, the flowers, everything pink and red, people that are happy and celebrating and look after each other. Love is in the air my dear friends!