I love gingham

The last time I wore a gingham dress, I was probably six or seven years old, until last year when I found this lovely strapless dress from Boohoo on sale. This year, this trend is having a big revival and I couldn't be happier since I love this print. 

It's blush time

 With the temperature going up and the heat almost unbearable, I find myself using less products on my face day by day. I spent June with only sunscreen, lipstick and blush on and believe me, it's more than enough when it's 37-39 degrees Celsius out there (that is 98-102 Fahrenheit).

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask - Review

My love and addiction on face masks is well known here on my blog. I tried a million of face masks and that also includes sheet masks that made their appearance to the west world a few years back, but I am slowly getting to know and try these products.

4 things I am excited for this summer and things you can do

Hair gets lighter,
Skin gets darker,
Water gets warmer,
Drinks get cooler,
Music gets louder,
Nights get longer,
Life gets better.

Let's talk about serums

Hello my lovely ladies. I am back with a skincare post and today I talk about four serums I am currently using in my skincare routine. Serums are well known to the beauty world as powerful moisturizers that deliver active ingredients to the skin, that is why serums are used after cleansing and toning the skin.

My love for maxi dresses

Hello my lovely ladies! Today I have two looks I wear a lot these days and I am talking about maxi dresses. They are comfortable, stylish and in my case, maxi dresses are perfect to wear on days when you forgot to shave your legs the night before and you cannot go out wearing a mini dress (don't judge me!).

5 products from Essence I have been enjoying

I talked about Essence many times on my blog and how much I love their products. Essence is a European brand that offers makeup products in affordable prices and I don't believe there is a makeup addict out there that they haven't tried at least one of their products. They have some hits and misses of course, since not all products are wonderful and cannot be compared with other more expensive brands but there are some hidden gems in their collections. 

5 ways to use a scarf in an outfit

How can someone upgrade any simple outfit, you ask? But with adding the right accessories, of course. I love to add a statement necklace on top of a white t-shirt or wear a pair of statement earrings. I also love scarves and I have a ridiculous large amount of scarves. Using scarves in an outfit is the perfect way to make any simple outfit stand out, more special and unique. 

Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Refreshing Cleansing Gel

On a recent trip to the shops I noticed Nivea had 40% off their products and I picked up a few new products I haven't tried before and the Nivea Aqua Sensation Refreshing Cleansing Gel is one of them.

Four ways to style a white off shoulder top

Hello my beautiful ladies! I am back with another fashion post today, I love fashion and I love clothes and I would love to incorporate more fashion related posts here, so here we are.  The sun is out so it is a beautiful day to be outside and take some pictures, so I grabbed my coffee, Tyrion, my phone and tripod and I headed out! And it is indeed a lovely day outside.

Dresses & earrings for summer

Another wishlist? Yesss, because I cannot get enough of summer dresses. Summer is here my beautiful ladies and the heat is real. I put my jeans at the back of my closet (see you  in October my lovely jeans) and dresses are out. It's the only thing I wear in summer since they are flowy and airy and so comfortable to wear. I love all kinds of dresses; long, short, print, floral, striped, long sleeve mini dress, you name it. 

Sheet masks - what I have been using this month

I cannot remember who recommended sheet masks to me since it was a long time ago, but I would like to say a big thank you to that person. I have been using them regularly and they are a part of my skincare routine and I am hooked, it is my favourite product to use after a stressful day and my favourite subject to talk about and also, read posts with recommendations on what to try next.