Giveaway - tassel earrings (International)

You all know my love for accessories and earrings to be more specific. There is not a single day I haven't dressed up in the morning and didn't wear a nice pair of earrings, I love them so much. Earrings frame the face beautifully and also give a romantic vibe to any outfit.

I was thinking of doing a post on my earrings collection but that would take forever to document and also provide links to the earrings I own (in case you want to get some as well) so I thought it would be more fun to do a giveaway!!! 

I am giving 24 pairs of earrings to 6 lucky girls, each girl will be gifted 4 pairs (will be randomly selected). 

The giveaway is international and you can enter here on my instagram account. Will be up for a week and end next Sunday on the 15th of April.

Enter this giveaway and make sure your friends know about this as well, by tagging them below in the comments.

Thank you so much for visiting here today and good luck everyone!!

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