W7 Flirty Eyes Mascara - False Lash Effect?

Today I woke up with the feeling that's it's Saturday. You know, that feeling when you wake up and don't actually know what day it is and secretly hope that it's Saturday and you don't need to get dressed and go to work, but stay in bed instead. But it doesn't matter, today it's Friday and it is a great feeling too cause it's the weekend!!

You know my love for affordable products and W7 is a brand that is extremely affordable, well known for creating dupes for high-end brands.

I tried almost every single mascara from W7 last year, there is a discount store in my hometown that offers amazing prices on this brand so it is a great opportunity to try almost every single product they have. Today I have a review on the W7 Flirty Eyes Mascara. The reason I decided to pick this one, well the two reasons are 1) it claims to give false lash effect and 2) it has amazing reviews.

But is it amazing on me?

No, it's not. It's a disappointment.

Not only it doesn't give a false lash effect, it doesn't give anything. No volume, no length, it doesn't separate my lashes, nothing. Well it does give length but read below to see how many coats I used to give me a decent length.

I believe that the formula is the main problem of this mascara, it isn't wet enough to colour my lashes and the result you see above was after applying 25 coats. Yes, you read that right, 25 coats to give me this result. I counted every single one of them. It gives some kind of length but not what I would expect after 25 coats. Who has time to apply 25 coats on each eye every day?

The brush is unique and I like it, the bristles have different sizes which is suppose to reach every single lash, even the smaller ones in the corners. But it doesn't.

I really wanted this to work for me and I don't understand the reviews, I read great reviews about this and people seem to love it.

Do you have a drugstore mascara that you are using at the moment and works? Please share below in the comments.

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