Two products from Christian Breton

Christian Breton is a new brand for me, I never heard of it before reading a couple of reviews of other fellow bloggers and until recently when they sent me a few products to try. I already talked about the Christian Breton Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask* a few weeks ago and today, I have two more products I have been testing.

Christian Breton Compact Powder*
As I mentioned several times here, I am all for medium and natural looking coverage and I haven't used a heavy foundation in years (well I will probably use one on my wedding day but that's a different story!).  I hate having a heavy base all day and my skin gets extremely oily after a few hours and I have the bad habit of touching my face all the time.

This compact powder is lightweight and I have been testing it in several ways; alone on top of a primer and also on top of a light foundation and on top of a BB cream. If my skin is having a bad day (dry patches), this sets in my pores and gives a cakey result. So it needs good hydration and preparation before using it.  

When used with a primer and on top of a light foundation, it gives a natural matte finish which I love and lasts all day, from 7am in the morning until the afternoon.  I also used it on top of a BB cream, it 'sits' nicely and gives me a matte and velvety finish, exactly what I look for and also, the natural look I love.

I like this powder and I have been using it ever since I received it. 

It is available in four shades, Natural 03 is the colour I chose and perfect for my complexion.

You can find it here* for €29,00.

Christian Breton Eye Focus Eye Cream*

I think this brand nailed the products they sent me, anti-wrinkle products is what I always look for and this eye cream has been a pleasure to use. This product has been created to revitalize the eye area, the most delicate area of our skin and the first to show signs of ageing. I have been using this eye cream every day for more than a month and my skin looks smoother and firmer. 

On their website, there are some results of the tests of women who applied this eye cream every day for two weeks:

80%: nourishes the skin in the eye and eyelids areas and is a comfortable skincare product to use.
100%: moisturises the skin of the eye area.
92%: reduces the skin's dryness.
76%: improves the skin's elasticity.
64%: improves the skin tone of the eye area.
60%: provides protection for the skin against environmental factors.
56%: improves the skin's appearance.

The results of the tests are impressive and I am happy to report that I feel the same since this eye cream works amazingly for me too.  

My under eye area looks firmer and moisturized and when placed in the fridge, this eye cream gives a cooler effect and feels extremely comfortable to use. It is a light gel that is absorbed within seconds and does not feel heavy on the skin. 

I really enjoy using this eye cream and it's been a staple to my skincare routine, I will continue to use it since it gives me the freshness and hydration my under eye area needs. Will I purchase when I run out? Probably not, it is too expensive for me but if you are interested, you can find more information here.

Have you tried anything from Christian Breton?

Hope you found this post helpful and I will see you soon!

*I was given these products for free but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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