Bielenda body sugar scrub

Sun is out, legs are out and so are body scrubs and body butters. I don't use either of these products as much as I would love to in winter, but I should have since my skin gets drier in winter and needs exfoliation more often.

I don't know why I haven't wrote a review on these amazing scrubs before since I have been using them for years. I finished quite a number of pots and these are the best body scrubs I have ever tried.

Bielenda is a polish brand that was created in 1990 and it offers an extensive range of products for all needs, all ages and all skin problems and concerns.

These two scrubs come from their juicy line of body care products. To be honest, what attracted me to try these scrubs is the scent. Omg, the scent is something I haven't experienced before, fresh and fruity and so refreshing and the best thing is the fact that it stays on my skin for hours. Their beautiful aromas have the ability to uplift any bad mood, stimulate the senses and give energy, especially when used in the morning.

So far, I tried the Caring Peach and the Juice Raspberry scrubs and I love both equally.

I apply this product all over my body and massage it using soft circular motions. It exfoliates nicely, removes dead cells and the dull appearance of my skin, especially on my legs and elbows. 

When using these scrubs, I noticed my skin looking fresh and healthy and also, my body cream that I use afterwards is absorbed better giving me full hydration and my skin looks rejuvenated and glowy.

The formula of these scrubs is enriched with oils, strong regenerating, anti-aging and protective ingredients. The scrub effectively smoothes, softens and renews the epidermis, improves microcirculation, tones, and restores elasticity of the skin.

The grains are large and the consistency of the gel is thick, that is why it is more effective than any other scrubs I used in the past and it leaves the softest and smoothest skin. 

Do you use body scrubs? What is your favorite brand?

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