Affordable makeup brushes from ebay

Hello lovelies. I am back with a new post and today I want to share some bargains I found while browsing probably at my favourite online website, ebay.

I have been using ebay for years and it's definitely a place when you can find amazing deals and anything you want.

Today I have something that might interest you if you are a beauty junkie like me, affordable makeup brushes. I bought quite an amount of makeup brushes and sets in the last couple of years and I love to experiment and try different kinds. I found amazing brushes but I also found useless that didn't work for me but I use these as photo props, nothing is wasted here!

If you are looking for affordable makeup brush set, I give you some ideas and I bought a couple of these sets myself. As I mentioned above, some are really amazing and some not that great but I can't complain since these are really cheap and I can always replace them.

Did you find anything you like? Do you shop on ebay?

*This post might contain affiliate links.

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