Pearls are back!

Pearls are making a comeback! They are everywhere at the moment, clothes, shoes, accessories. A pearl necklace is the most classic piece in a wardrobe, everyone owns one and I certainly do. From our grandmothers to our mums and now to us, this classic piece is simple but elegant and in 2017-2018 it is the go-to accessory. 
Pearls are having their moment and designers use pearls on every single clothing piece in their runways. I myself love this trend and I own two pairs of stud pearl earrings that I wear every day. Also, a few years back when I was making handmade jewellery as a hobby, I had lots of white pearls in my stash and one day I decided to sew some pearls on a grey dull sweater I had but didn't actually wear. And it turned out to be great! I am so proud to report that I had this idea first many years ago and designers like Chanel and Gucci copied me haha, just kidding. I will find this sweater when I finish unpacking my clothes (omg it takes so long to unpack things after a move) and share it on instagram.

If you consider that this classic piece is too 'granny' and you don't think pearls are for you, remember that Coco Chanel once said, "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls''. So who am I to doubt this legendary woman?

Here I have some recommendations of this lovely trend on clothes and I choose one piece from every category to give you an idea on how designers added pearls on every single piece.


Grey beaded hat             Choker necklace


Do you like this trend and would you wear it? 

*This wishlist is in collaboration with Rosegal

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