Currently obsessing over.. tassel earrings

If you follow me on instagram (yiotou_la), you must already know that I love tassel earrings, since I posted too many of the new pairs I ordered and received these last days.
This trend is here to stay and I would have never thought I would love it so much as I do. Last year it was pom poms, it was huge and we saw pom poms on everything; clothes, accessories, shoes, sandals, bags. The tassel trend was big in spring and summer and goes strong for fall and winter. These beautiful tassel earrings are a must have and you can't deny that it is so much fun to add a pair of these to your outfit. 

Best way to wear them? But of course the most obvious: jeans, simple top and a pair of tassel earrings. These vibrant pieces transform any outfit and I must admit I have been wearing them at the office too, nothing wrong with that. You wear an all black outfit? Add a playful pair of tassel earrings. You have a wedding? Add a pair of gem tassel earrings and pair the colour with your best dress. Going out for coffee and meeting your best friend? The outfit I mentioned above is perfect, jeans, top, blazer, earrings! 

Here are my picks and I own three of these pieces, the black ones which I also have in red, the black & white ones and the round pom pom & tassel earrings that I own in black. I ordered a few more that I haven't received yet but I will surely wear them in some future outfits.

Do you love this trend as much as I do?

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*Disclaimer - since I got asked many times why do I post so many wishlists from shops and the clothes I receive, please note that not all clothes I receive are for me. I also order clothes for two friends that cannot afford to buy clothes every season, I find these collabs a great opportunity to help these lovely ladies who I love and respect and it's the least I can do for them. So for every collab, I order one or two items for me (to review here) and the rest for them. xx

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