Faux fur vest

Funny story behind this photoshoot! We were enjoying our coffee in the cutest coffee shop in Nicosia and we saw this lovely neighbourhood with these beautiful houses and flowers and we decided to take some pictures. Sun was shining, the weather was nice and I felt awkward that I was wearing a faux fur vest and the weather was summery.

And yes, people were staring but I couldn't care less, if it was a year ago I would feel shy and uncomfortable to take pictures in the middle of the street but now I know people will stare no matter what so I will do my thing.

Half an hour later as we were walking down the street, the sun hides behind black clouds, heavy rain starts pouring and we were running to our car as fast as we could. 

I look fresh and put together in these photos but believe me, after the rain I was a mess. Wet hair and soaked clothes was the result. 

This faux fur vest* was not appropriate to wear in the sunny part of the day but it definitely was after the rain, since the weather was windy and cold. I am so in love with this vest and I know I will wear it a lot in the winter. It goes with everything and I also plan to wear it over long sleeve dresses. 

The length of it is perfect for me (short girl!) and the material is great, thick and warm just like you would expect a fur vest to be.

I also wore these black and white tassel earrings* and I have been wearing these a lot lately. I paired them with this outfit and also with a black dress and the other day with a grey t-shirt and black trousers.

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Faux fur vest*

Tassel earrings*

How is the weather in your part?

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