Florals for fall? Yes!

One of my favourite movies is Devil Wears Prada. I've probably watched it like a million times and I know by heart every single line.
My fave scene (if I would pick one) is the one where they were having a meeting in the conference room and they were brainstorming and dropping ideas to Miranda (Meryl Streep) and the fashion editor of Runway dropped the idea of doing a photoshoot for florals for spring. And then, Miranda looks at her with that killer look and says her famous quote: 'Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!' Haha what a line! I love her!

I love floral prints and I wear them all year around, including fall and winter. I love to search and find inspiration on fashion blogs and also fashion youtube channels. 'How to style' is one of my favourite series, I get to see what others are wearing and find new ways to style my clothes and some combos I wouldn't think of.

A maxi floral dress with long sleeves like this one* is a fabulous option for those chilly days. The material is thick and has a beautiful print of blue and dark orange flowers. 

Boots and a black leather jacket or a black cardigan is a great companion and when the weather gets really cold (it won't for the next one or two months that's why I am wearing sandals in this photoshoot), tights underneath the dress are necessary to keep you warm and also, the addition of a black turtleneck would be a great idea. Also, for casual days, a dark denim jacket will look amazing with this dress along with a pair of brown ankle boots.

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Another beautiful floral dress is this green maxi with white and orange flowers. My fiance commented that it looks granny but I really like it, after all, I love floral prints in everything so this one is a lovely addition to my wardrobe and it will take a special place in the dresses section. It is light and soft material and has long sleeves and buttons at the front.

Shop the look here

Do you wear florals in fall and winter, or is it just me??
Happy new month, October is such a beautiful month, let's hope the weather will change soon :)

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