The perfect red lipstick for Christmas day

Is there a girl out there that doesn't love a red lipstick for Christmas day? Dark or light red, matte or glossy, bright, bold, sheer red, it can be anything, as long as it is red.

I remember many years ago, I did like to wear red lipstick but I was embarrassed to do it. I thought it looked awkward on me but now, there is no day in December that I go without red lipstick. Day, night, afternoon, morning, I will be rocking red lips!

L'oreal Paris Ruby Opera 304 lipstick
Rich, thick and shiny, these are the best words to describe this lip product. It is a cherry red shade with a gloss finish and micro shimmers. Looks lovely on the lips and it is extremely moisturizing. Also, it smells amazing.

L'oreal Paris Hypnotic Red 403 lipstick
This is a pinkish sheer red shade with medium pigmentation, but it's quite bright and multiple swipes give enough colour. It is super soft and easy to apply on the lips and leaves a glossy finish. It would be perfect to wear on a daily basis  too since the colour is not bold but really pretty and easy to wear.

NYC Retro Red 308 lipstick
This is probably one of my favourite red shades I own. A true classic red shade that is very pigmented, one swipe gives enough colour to cover lips and leaves a nice shine on the lips but without overdoing it. 

L.A. Girl Matte Velvet lipstick in Relentless
I wrote a review on the matte velvet lipsticks by L.A. Girl on June (you can read my review here). This a beautiful bold red lipstick, very creamy and feels comfortable on the lips. I love to apply 3-4 coats of this one to make it darker than it already is and I have been wearing this lipstick a lot these days.

W7 Scarlet Fever lipstick
I purchased this one a month ago but forgot all about it and found it yesterday at the back of my desk. I didn't show love to this one but I will be wearing and honoring this lovely lipstick in the next days.  It is a bright blue toned red with a buttery formula, great pigmentation and the colour is vibrant and bold. It glides nicely on the lips and leaves a lovely vibrant red colour.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Colour in Red Extreme
I talked about this fantastic lip product last month and it is truly love at first sight. I didn't have high hopes when I ordered this one since it was quite affordable but I like to try different textures and shades so I thought I would give this a try. And I loved it! The formula of this lipstick is creamy and it gives a rich and intense red colour. It feels quite comfortable and does not dry the lips at all. (review here)

W7 lipstick in Poppy
Last but not least, this gorgeous red shade by W7. This is a medium toned red that has the same creamy formula as the Scarlet Red from W7. This is probably my most worn lipstick in the last couple of months, I love how vibrant the colour is and I even wear it at the office.

What are your favourite red lipsticks? Give me some ideas!

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