Bedside beauty items

Having a few beauty products near my bed makes it easier to reach and use them at night. This is a habit I follow a few months now, I usually used to neglect putting body cream or a hand cream before going to sleep, but now, tired or not, I cannot help it and I always follow this night routine before I hit the sheets.

I aim to sleep 7-8 hours but this does not always happen. I love watching my favorite tv shows and I also love watching my favorite youtubers, but I always say to myself 'one more video and then go to sleep' and this never happens. It's usually one more, and another one, and another one and I end up watching 5325298 videos before I finally get some sleep. And while watching my favorite videos, I love to apply these products.

Hand cream - my hands tend to get drier in fall and winter so putting a hand cream at night ensures that there is enough moisture to prevent dryness or cracks. I am currently using the Cowshed Moisturising Hand Cream that I received in a beauty box a long time ago, and have been neglecting since then. I love the thick texture of it and the fresh scent, so it's perfect to use at night.

Body cream - This is a must product to use at night and I am currently using two body creams, the first is the I love...Strawberries & Cream Body Cream. This cream smells delicious, exactly like strawberries and cream that you want to grab a spoon and eat the whole thing. And the bottle is almost empty so I am definitely going to re-purchase. The second cream I am using is the Le Petit Marseillais Lait Hydratant with karite butter, fig and chamomile oil. This body cream smells fantastic, like fresh jasmine, and I know that this is a more summery scent but I cannot get enough of it, I use it all year around.

Lip balm - For my lips, I use a new product that I purchased from a bazaar a few months ago but never got to use it. It's the Possibility Blueberry Pancakes Lip Balm that comes in a pot and smells really nice, not too intense because I don't really like heavy scents on a lip product. It moisturises my lips well and leaves a feeling of freshness. Love it!

Eye cream - Korres is a favorite brand I use for years and the Korres Black Pine Anti-ageing Eye Cream is amazing (review here). Comes in a handy little bottle and the pump gives you a small amount of product, exactly the amount you need for the under eye area.

Sleeping Mask - I am currently using the Body Shop Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask (review here). I use this one or twice a week and I love the feeling of waking up with a fresh skin in the morning. It feels a little sticky but when you sleep, it is fully absorbed and your skin is fresh and soft in the morning.

Do you have a routine before sleeping and if yes, what products do you swear by?

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