Alphabetical 2016

A✷ Advent calendars. I feel like a kid every time I open one little box and discover a precious little gift.

B✷ Breathe. It is so important to learn to control breathing and it clears my mind when I am extra stressed! So take a step back and take a deep breath!

C✷ Candles. We light plenty of them in our house every day. My favorite are cinnamon, orange and vanilla scented candles.

D✷ Decoration. I decorated (the best word to describe my house is 'overloaded' but we will go with decorated) my house and I love it. I used red, white, silver and green colours.

E✷ Eyebrows. Was my least favorite part when doing my makeup but with the right products, it's my second favorite (first is lips, how original ha!)

F✷ Face oils. I discovered them in 2016 and I have been using them religiously every night. My skin never looked better.

G✷ Getting cozy. Blankets, wraps, candles and coffee.

H✷ Hot chocolate. Best hot beverage invented!

I✷ Ice skating. I am useless but I love watching others dancing on ice.

J✷ Jack Frost movie (Michael Keaton 1998). Will be watching this one today since I forgot all about in Christmas.

K✷ Keratin Straightening Treatment. Best.Thing.I.Ever.Did for my hair!

L✷ Love. Show people that you love them or say it to them. These three magical words 'I love you'! Love is the best thing in this world!

M✷ Movie nights! What is better than ordering pizza, relax and watch some favorite movies? It's Harry Potter time!

N✷ NYX. My favorite brand that I discovered this year. So many great products (and lipsticks!).

O✷ Outside. I love being outside of the house and enjoy nature, flowers, breath fresh air and take long walks.

P✷ Planning. And organizing everything, blog, work, wedding, life. Planning is the key.

Q✷ Quilt. My best friend for winter. We are separated in the morning and we meet again at night.

R✷ Red lipstick. Need I say more?

S✷ Sales. I will be shopping A LOT on forthcoming sales.

T✷ Tyrion, my lovely baby german shepherd. Well, ok, he is not a baby anymore but in my eyes, he will always be my little baby!

U✷ Unwrapping presents. Our tradition is to open them on xmas morning and I always get excited to do so.

V✷ Vanilla pudding. Just try it!

W✷ Wedding planning. 2017 will be the year of planning and making decisions for my wedding. Wish me luck!

X✷ Xmas or Christmas. Best time of the entire year. Don't you agree?

Y✷ Yule is a new word for me. It's the definition of xmas time of xmas festivities celebrated in a traditional way.

Z✷ zzzzz. Best time of the day. I need to get some sleep, see you tomorrow! x

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