My Christmas Decorations

Hello girls! I am so excited for this post since today I am going to share with you my Christmas decorations! Yayy! Everything is ready and I am proud to say that in only took me 2 days to finish them all (and 2 days after to clean all the mess!) and everything turned out really nice!

I purchased my tree last year and I picked the highest tree that existed in the shop (3m) so I need lots of Christmas ornaments to make it look right. I already had some I put on last year but I also added some new ornaments. I chose white, silver and red, cliche I know but I love these colours for Christmas.

I also did a bauble wreath which I put outside (tutorial here) and lots of diy's for my house and my mum's! 

Hope you enjoy these decorations and I hope I'll give you some ideas! 

the Christmas tree

silver and red detail over the bookcase

I decorated an old table I inherited from my grandmother, I placed my Harry Potter books (!), green with red stars arrangement and vases with baubles.

the stairs to the second floor. again I used green and red colour and I added some led lights.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday and I will see you soon!

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