I ♥ dresses & bags - Collaboration with StyleWe

I always had a love for dresses and girly items for as long as I remember myself. When I was a kid, I used to wear dresses all the time and I wouldn't take them off. Even when we played outside  or in the park, you would consider I would wear pants or leggings or shorts to be able to play and run easily, but no no no, this girl was wearing dresses and jewellery and holding stylish children's bags 24/7!

When StyleWe made contact with me I was super happy to write a post about their beautiful products and I couldn't write of anything else but dresses. To be more specific, dresses and bags. I believe that despite the age, style, body type and how everyone sees fashion, there is a dress out there for each type of girl.

I love to dress elegant and wear a lovely dress to a wedding, a special event or someone's party but I also wear dresses every day at the office. So here are some dresses and bags I selected from StyleWe that I would love to own and wear.

For New Year's Eve

For the romantic girl

For a formal event

For Christmas

For a night out/dinner

For cold days

I was never a huge fan of bags, I was more into shoes and I loved having every colour and design. But in the last couple of years I got to appreciate bags more and I must admit I added a slighlty large amount to my collection! Oops!!  So as I was browsing the StyleWe website I noticed there are some incredible pieces there and these are my picks with their links!

Hope you liked my picks from StyleWe and if you want to learn more about this store, you can find information at their facebook page, instagram or twitter

*This post was made in collaboration with StyleWe.

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