Christian Breton Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask*

Hello gorgeous ladies!! How are you today? Happy new month!! I have a new skincare post and today I am introducing a new brand I tried recently, Christian Breton.
It is a french brand created by Christian Breton himself but the story goes way back in 1960, when his mother, a scientist and genetic specialist created a group of scientists to research and answer this question 'What does genetic have to do with skin types and how can genetics and DNA-RNA help cure skin diseases?'

These scientists made several discoveries and answered many of their questions and years later, Christian Breton knew that cosmetics would be his life and taking advantage of his mother's research and finding, he decided to launch his company.

I received the Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask* and I was looking forward to try it since I love sheet masks. This mask promises to reveal fresh and radiant skin and test results for this mask revealed 96% firmer skin, 74% visibly younger and 83% reported that it illuminates skin. I must admit that firmer and visibly looking skin is what I am after in my age.

The mask unfolds easily and it fits perfectly on my face. I love that the packaging of each single mask has so many information on it, like the main ingredients and the properties of each one, photos at the back and also instructions on how to use it and for how long, detailed ingredients at the bottom and also a tip to place the sheet mask in the fridge for 10 minutes to enhance cooling effect. The sheet mask is infused with 1 full bottle of 20ml serum, so for 20-25 minutes, your skin is treated with all the goodness of the serum. 

I haven't placed mine in the fridge but it has a cooling effect which I like, my skin feels refreshed as soon as I place it on my face. Today was a stressful day so this mask is exactly what my skin needed. I left it on for 25 minutes and relaxed while watching tv. 

After 15 minutes, I felt that my skin 'was drinking' the whole thing up and the mask started to feel dry especially on my cheeks. My skin is combination to oily but in winter, it gets dry patches and for that reason I use more serums and oils to reduce dryness. This mask made my skin feel amazing. As soon as I removed it, I massaged the remaining serum. At first, my skin felt a little sticky but after a few minutes, it was so soft and smooth and didn't need to add more products.

Results also lasted until the next day, my skin was smooth and my BB cream was applied like a dream, my skin was so hydrated and plump. 

There are three sheet masks in every package and I used up all three. I included these in my night skincare routine and they were a great addition, I enjoyed using them so much.

Three sheet masks retail for 45,00€ and you can find them here.

*I received these items for review purposes, however, my opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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