Bedside beauty products - winter edition

My night beauty routine is my fave time of my night. It's like a ritual and consists of many products that I apply religiously and in winter, I always add extra steps to help me beat this terrible weather that I blame for the dry patches that appear on my face once in a while.

Before I go to sleep, I have a routine, well it's not a routine, it's some habits that help me relax and unwind, like watching a few youtube videos or reading a couple of pages of my beloved Harry Potter books that I always keep beside my bed, these books never get old.

As I watch the videos (usually hauls and skincare routines) I apply a face oil all over my face and massage it for a couple of minutes. I find oils to be super-hydrating for my skin and even though I am a combination to oily type, my skin drinks them up so quickly it's amazing. I am currently using two oils in rotation. 

The first is the Monu Firming Fiji Facial Oil that I received in the Look Fantastic October Box. It's a lightweight oil that smells great, hydrates my skin and promises to prevent signs of ageing, something I always look for. The second oil I use lately is the Ikarov 100% Rosehip Oil, an oil that nourishes and moisturises skin, has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties, leaves skin radiant, soft and smooth. 

If I am not using any oils, I apply a sleeping mask. What a better way to wake up with a relaxed and fresh face in the morning. I am loving the Quick Fix Vitamin C Miracle Mask that not only smells heavenly, it treats my dull and tired skin and I wake up with a radiant, fresh and relaxed face. I try to use this mask twice a week for greater results.

For my hair, I apply a small amount of Pure Argan Oil on the ends and avoid my roots since my scalp is oily but I can't avoid dry ends so the addition of argan oil is necessary. 

Last but not least, hand cream. I am loving the IDC Institute Give Me Five - Blueberry & Fig Hand Cream. It has a gorgeous bubble gum scent and does not make my hands feel greasy since it is absorbed easily, noone wants greasy hands before sleeping. And let's not forget lips. I am currently using a multipurpose product from Oriflame, The Tender Care Balm that can be used in dry areas such as lips, hands, elbows etc. I love this little thing and I always carry one with me in my bag (I have 2!).

What products do you keep on your bedside table to use every night?

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday and I will see you soon!

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