Polka dot dress

You wanna know what's the weather like here in Cyprus in winter? Well, I have many words to describe our weather. Tropical. Bipolar. Unstable. Crazy. Ridiculous.

Yes, that's right. One day we are wearing summer dresses and short sleeve t-shirts, next day it's a coat+thick scarf+beanie kind of day. Or when I leave the house at 7am in the morning to go to work, I am all dressed up like I am visiting a chalet in Alpes and at 3pm when I finish work, it's so warm I start taking clothes off until I am left with a thin blouse I always wear underneath my thick and chunky sweaters. The weather is crazy I tell you.

I love the sun. I love how it shines and lights everything, it gives me energy. I hate cold and grey days, they are miserable and unhappy and also a pain in the arse. Who wants to wear that many clothes, who actually wants to layer their clothes and look like a bear?

Sunny days are different. You wear one piece of clothing and you are happy. And comfortable. 

I wore this dress last week, we had one sunny day where it has warm and like a breath of fresh air. I love to go outside when the weather is clear and fine.

How is the weather in your part? Crazy like ours?

I hope everyone is having a lovely start of the week and I will see you soon!

My dress

*I was gifted this dress for review purposes, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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