Oops, it's a haul - what I bought recently

There is something that feels different when you are on holidays, and that is shopping. When I am away or having some time off, I have that feeling that I 'am allowed' to go shopping. Every time I visit Greece for example, one of the first things I normally do besides eat gyros and that delicious greek salad with feta, is to spend a couple of hours in Sephora and try new products, since we don't have a Sephora here.
Or if I am away for the weekend, I will definitely visit a drugstore or a beauty store and shop. It's like I am allowed to do it and feels more special to shop while being away for holidays.

And this long introduction concludes in one thing: I bought more products while I was on vacation. 

Loreal Hydra Total Micellar Water - I think I am addicted to micellar waters, every time I see something I haven't tried before on the shelves, I pick it up. I have 2 bottles of micellar water that are brand new and haven't opened them, yet I went and bought two more. This one promises to remove makeup, dirt and impurities from face and does not dry the skin out which is really important for me. I hate to feel my face tight and dry when I use a cleansing product. Let's see how it works.

Revuele Hydralife Hyaluron Micellar Express Lotion - wow what a long name for a cleansing product. Another affordable micellar water that I hope it works brilliantly for me and I get to love it as much as I love the Garnier Micellar Water. It has a gentle refreshing formula designed to remove makeup and the addition of thermal water and hyaluronic acid prevents any loss of moisture. I will definitely come back with a review on both micellar waters as soon as I add them to my daily skincare routine.

Gliss Summer Repair Spray - after all that time spent at the beach, my hair needs an intense treatment and a product that will restore any damage done by the sun and will help lock in moisture and nourish my locks. This is a leave-in hair spray that you apply after washing hair whilst they are damp. I already tried this product as soon as I purchased it and I am happy to report that my hair feels extremely soft after I use it and it smells amazing, like summer in a bottle.

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Mask - Can you believe that I run out of hair mask? When did that happen? This is one I haven't tried before even though I love Pantene Pro-V products. It promises to leave hair well conditioned in 2 minutes without weighing them down but I never leave products on my hair for less than 10, I am a strong believer that no product works and does what it is supposed to do in less that 5 minutes. It is designed for fine hair, gives volume and nourishes dry ends.

Revuele Hydralife Hyaluron Anti-wrinkle Gel Filler - Eye Contour - this is a light gel product with hyaluronic acid, designed to make the skin around the eyes more elastic, fill the wrinkles and fine lines and hydrate the eye area. The texture of this product makes it easier to absorb, soothes and relaxes the skin and promotes the elimination of dark circles.

Beauty Formulas Cucumber 3 minute Clay Mask - I've never met a clay mask with cucumber before that is supposed to feel refreshing to the skin, clay masks are supposed to make us feel all uncomfortable and dry our skin out haha. Just kidding, you know I love clay masks and they are perfect for my oily skin, they cleanse my skin really well and draw impurities out. I already tried this mask once and I really liked it, I will write a detailed post on it when I use it more so stay tuned for that review.

Technic Natural Lashes - I actually bought this clear conditioning mascara to tame my brows when they are out of control (and believe me, they are most of the time) but I intend to use it also on my lashes.

W7 Magic Eyes Mascara - You know I am a huge fan of the W7 brand and I love to test mascaras I haven't tried before, so I had to try this. It has a spiral brush that separates the lashes and promises to define lashes and make them look thicker without the drama. I will test this asap and will come back with a review and before and after pictures.

W7 Lip Twisters - Last but not least, two new lip products from W7, the Lip Twisters.  These lip pencils are creamy and glide beautifully on the lips and they come in 6 shades and I chose two dark nude shades for fall. I started wearing nude shades this week and I think I am in love again with my nude lipsticks.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul and I will see you soon! 

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