Ebay finds #2

It's been a while since I've posted my purchases from ebay. Ebay has the greatest deals on electronics, clothes and accessories and I have been adding products to my cart for more than 10 years!! (this is not sponsored!).
Sometimes the packages get lost, especially from destinations such as China or Hong Kong, since it takes almost a month to arrive in Europe and it happened to me lots of times. Sellers are happy to replace and re-send items or give a refund.

So these are my newest purchases and I hope you find something you like. I added the product as described on seller's page and below a photo of what I received and I am really pleased with these items, they look the same as the description.

Green Maxi Dress

This is a beautiful maxi dress that I bought a few months ago but never actually worn it until now. The colours are so pretty, however, it is a bit see through so a slip is needed underneath. Apart from that, I really love it and it's nice a holiday dress. It has two shades of green and the detail at the front makes it special. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Bohemian Multi-Colour Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings all everywhere at the moment and I am proud owner of at least 10 pairs. These look nice with any outfit, I've worn them a couple of times with my summer dresses and I plan to wear them a lot in fall too with jeans and sweaters.

Hot Pink Tassel Earrings

You've seen these before on my instagram account and they  are probably the prettiest earrings I own, and not because they are pink. The combination of hot pink with gold is a successful one and they look so beautiful when you wear them. I totally forgot I had these since I purchased them a few months ago but I plan to wear them a lot! 

Selfie LED ring for camera and phone

This is a life saver for days that the lighting is horrible and it helped me a lot. It is extremely affordable and I used it not only for blog pictures but also for personal pictures at night and I intend to take it with me on holidays, along with the tripod that I mention below. This duo is my perfect combo for taking photos.

Flexible Octopus Tripod

I've wanted to buy an affordable tripod for quite some time now and this is amazing. Bought it less than $5 and it can also be used for taking outfit posts since the legs are bendable and you can place it anywhere you want, even on a tree. I also purchased a larger tripod for outfit photos, since my photographer (aka fiance) is not always available to help me take my outfit pictures and I cannot wait to receive it and see how it works!

This is a small pouch I carry with me in my bag and I usually put tissues or sanitary pads. Small but useful.

Another pair of lovely earrings that I plan to wear a lot. I didn't think they would look as nice as the picture but they look exactly the same so I am very pleased. These will look awesome with my dull black clothes, black and beige looks nice don't you think?

Do you shop on ebay? What are your latest purchases?

Hope you enjoyed this little post of my ebay purchases and I will see you soon! 

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