How to choose the right lipstick for you

In the many years that I have been a lipstick lover (and hoarder), I noticed that not all lipsticks look good on me. Specifically, a very few shades compliment my skin tone and that's why I have many similar shades in my collection. 

I always try and apply on my hand all lipsticks available on the shelves of a beauty shop, but I always wonder if a shade that looks amazing on the tube would look amazing on my lips too. And not all do. But how do we choose the right shade and what are the factors we need to consider? Let's see.

1. Identify your skin colour/tone.  

Light skin looks good in soft pink, coral, nude shades.

Medium skin looks nice in dark pink, dark red and berry shades (that's me!)

Tan skin - deep/hot pink, coral and intense red (I wish I looked good in hot pink or bright fuchsia pink shade since I love it so much).

2. Find your skin's undertone.

A cool trick I once read about how to find your skin's undertone, is to hold a piece of white fabric and hold it up to your face. If it looks ok, then your tone is warm. If it looks bad and you look better with a beige/off-white colour (if white washes you out) then your undertone is cool. 

3. Pick depending on your lip shape

The general rule is that dark shades make lips look smaller and bright shades make lips look larger. So choose accordingly to what effect you want to give to your lips. I have small lips and I love bright and bold colours that make me lips look full, juicer and more desirable.

4. Try before you buy

I know your reaction to this statement was 'yuck' who tries lipsticks on counters? but you can ask the shop for the lipstick to be cleaned with alcohol before trying it and it's really important since you get to see how it actually looks on you. 

5. Ask professional help

The staff that works in makeup stores are usually makeup artists and they will help you find the shade that is suitable for you. So don't be afraid to ask for their help, they know best and they may recommend shades you never thought of trying.

6. Choose a different shade for each time of the day

I choose to wear more natural and pink shades during the day, I prefer creamy and comfortable formulas and keep my makeup look natural and for night, I love to wear a matte bright red or dark berry shade.

7. Choose two shades darker than your natural lip colour for your every day lipstick

If you find bright shades too much for you to wear from 9-5, choose a lipstick that is two or three tones darker than your natural lip colour. It will enhance your natural lip colour and your lips will look natural. And you can show off your bright shades later at happy hour! 

8. Experiment with colours you like

It doesn't mean that a specific colour is not for you, only because you haven't tried it before. Experiment and try colours and wear what makes you feel good. Play around with shades and mix them together (I used to add two lipsticks on my lips to 'produce' the perfect wintery shade, I  added a dark red and a dark brown together and the result was an amazing brownish red shade).

What are your tips the help you find the perfect shade for you? Do share below.

I hope you are having a great start of this new week, how is it the last week of September already? Christmas will be any minute now, need to start planning! xx

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