Metallic lips trend - I tried it too

I was so curious to try a metallic lipstick for quite some time now. I only own one from Milani that Tati recommended last year and I was so obsessed with the shade, I ordered it immediately (you can read my post here).
And I loved it, it is a metallic purple shade that looks wonderful on and great to wear on a night out. Metallic shades are so extra-ordinary and even though I wouldn't dare to wear metallic lips for day, I would definitely wear for a night out.

The W7 Metallic Matte Lipstick range is a collection of 6 matte lipsticks with a metallic pop. The minute I saw these on the shelves, I knew I had to try them, the looked so pretty.

Neptune is a deep red colour.
All aboard is a coppery shade.
Apollo is a dark coral shade.
Santorini is a bright metallic pink.
S.O.S is a gold with orange undertones.
Apple Pie is a gold colour.

I own three of these, Neptune, All Aboard and Santorini. These are creamy and feel nice when applied on the lips. When I opened the tube to swatch them, my first thought was this formula looked stiff and different from any other W7 lipsticks I own but I was wrong; these are creamy and soft and they glide beautifully when applied. They leave a silky feeling on the lips and they are extremely comfortable.

The packaging is the usual W7 black tube that is included in every W7 lipstick range, all metallics, mattes, nudes, pinks and reds have the same black tube which is pretty boring to be honest. The worst thing about having the same black square packaging is the fact that all lipsticks look the same when you store them but thankfully, the bottom of the tube has the actual colour of the lipstick and it also reads the name of the shade.

The most amazing thing is their long lasting formula. All three shades do not last the same on the lips, Santorini was the best in performance that stayed all day on my lips, even after eating and drinking. The other two shades stayed on for a few hours which is also impressive for a creamy lipstick. The same applies for pigmentation, some shades are more pigmented than others but the colour pay off of all three is great.

Me wearing All Aboard. It is a beautiful light coppery shade, I never thought I would like a shade like this or I would wear it but it's great for every day. I would love it if it was darker and more brown than it is, it looks nice but I am not obsessing over it. What do you think?

Wearing Neptune, I think this is my least favourite colour, the shade is a brown/orangey on me instead of a deep red and I don't think it compliments my skin tone. (I took the photo before dyeing my hair, it looks so orange here).

Me wearing Santorini, it is a bright fuchsia shade with a metallic finish, I think this one is my fave of all three.

To conclude, I love the metallic trend but I don't really feel these shades on me, I think I would prefer darker metallic shades for my complexion like a lovely metallic purple or plum shade or even a dark pink, instead of these coppery shimmery shades. In this collection, the shades are lighter and don't compliment every skin colour, even Neptune that is the darkest of all looks orange and I don't think it does anything for me, it washes me out. I will wait until my Colourpop order arrives since I ordered one (or was it two?) metallic lipstick, hopefully the shade I chose will suit me better.

Have you tried a metallic lipstick? Do you love or hate this trend?

I hope you are having an amazing day and I will see you soon! x

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