Lipstick of the month - W7 Mattenificent Lipstick in Lady Luck (Sep. 2017)

Since the beginning of September, I switched my lipsticks and all nude ones are in the front, all pink ones are at the back until next spring. The weather hasn't changed at all but my preferences have. And I have been rocking my dark nude lipsticks every day this month.

I talked about the W7 lipsticks many times here and in the last months I bought quite a few from this brand. I didn't feel quilty when buying these since they are so affordable, you could have every single shade without breaking the bank. And I almost did! 

I also tried three of their metallic shades but I wasn't really impressed with the shades available, however I am really impressed with the formula of these lipsticks.

They are nicely pigmented and one swipe gives amazing colour. I usually use two coats to make it more intense.  But this depends on how pigmented your lips already are. I have a friend that tried this shade and it barely showed on her lips, but on mine, it looks great.

These lipsticks are creamy and you already know that I stopped wearing liquid lipsticks a long time now, except of my beloved NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams that have the nicest liquid formula. I prefer creamy and soft lipsticks that feel comfortable on the lips, even though I have to sacrifice the longevity and duration of a lipstick but I don't mind, I always carry one with me to re-apply during the day.

Lady Luck is a matte dark pink brown shade, similar or almost the same as MAC Velvet Teddy, I think this is slightly darker. Even though this lipstick leaves a matte finish, it doesn't feel dry which is amazing for me since my lips tend to get dry during the day.

The only thing I dislike is the packaging. A black plastic tube and that's it. I think they could do better with their packaging, it's not pretty and if you think that all ranges from this brand have the same black packaging, all shades got mixed up and this makes it difficult to find the shade you want, imagine having 10 minutes to do your makeup in the morning and trying to find your lovely Lady Luck among all these black tubes. No!

Have you tried these lipsticks?? What shade is your fave from the Mattenificent range?

How is it the end of September already? It's crazy if you think how days go by, Christmas will be here anytime soon (need to start preparing)!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great weekend! x

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