KIKO Milano Smart Lipstick - 904 Strawberry Pink


If you haven't tried the KIKO Milano lipsticks before, you are missing out. It's been so long since I wanted to try them and I did placed an order a long time ago, but as it happens when you own too many lipsticks, I forgot I had this gem.

This Kiko lipstick is probably one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have ever tried and gives a velvety finish. The formula is rich and creamy and applies beautifully on the lips. It does not dry my lips, feels just like a lip balm with a bright pink colour.

Shade 904 is a bright pink rose, a stunning bright pink rose I would say and this shade 'screams' spring. It is bright but perfect for every day use and for days when you wear no makeup and you just want a pop of colour. It's a beautiful shade perfect to wear in spring.

The colour is definitely builtable and easy to apply several times in order to make it more opaque. And the scent, oh the sweet vanilla scent is just what you need on your lips first thing in the morning when you need a pick-me-up and you haven't had coffee yet. This scent is so yummy and wakes me up immediately.

Not dry on the lips

Transfers easily

Not sticky



Not long lasting

Feels like lip balm but with colour

Have you tried the Kiko lipsticks?

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