Valentine's Day lipstick - for those who don't wear red

My love for lipsticks is well known here on my blog but also in real life. My friends know, my fiance knows (he practically lives with them) and my mum once commented and asked me if my room was a department of a beauty store! It sure feels like it and I am sure every one of you feels that way. We collect so many lovely products or makeup and things that make us feel beautiful. And yes, I am a lipstick hoarder.

Today I have four lipsticks I love and are perfect to wear on Valentine's day and also, suitable for anyone who does not wear or like red lipstick. 

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Allure
This is a dark nude shade with orange undertones and gives a matte finish. It has a rich formula, great pigmentation and a vanilla scent. It lasts up to 8 hours on the lips and does not transfer on anything but it takes a little while to dry after application.

Maybelline Color Whisper - A Plum Prospect
This is a lovely fuchsia lipstick with a creamy formula. On the tube it appears to be more plum and pigmented, but it's not, it's sheer and need to be applied several times to cover the lips. However, the shade is gorgeous and I have been wearing it a lot even for every day since it is not too intense and appropriate for the office.

Wet 'n' Wild - Mauve Outta Here
I don't think there is a girl out there who does not have at least one Wet 'n' Wild lipstick in their collection. They have the most amazing formula, they last all day and produce a rich colour on the lips. Mauve Outta Here is a pink-mauvy shade.

L'oreal Impulsive Fuchsia 202
My favourite of the four picks! This gorgeous shade from L'oreal looks amazing on, gives a glossy finish and it's creamy and sheer. Feels extremely comfortable on the lips, almost like a lip balm but with an intense colour. It glides beautifully on the lips and I sometimes layer it up to make it more intense and bold. So pretty!

What are your favourite lipsticks for Valentine's Day? Do you wear shades like these or you prefer the classic red?

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