Milani Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara

I found a mascara that I really love. And I don't believe it. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Milani Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara that got me all excited this week.
This is not a new product, I believe it was a few years back that Milani introduced this mascara but I purchased it from the Milani website a few months ago, received it and then forgot all about it. I didn't even bother to open it, it was sealed in the packaging and I feel so bad because I loved it since the first time I used it.

The formula is what is supposed to be; not too dry but not too wet and thin in texture. It is buildable which is great since I like to build volume slowly instead of having a thick product to work with, which sometimes it is so hard to apply and the result is not natural at all. It has a classic brush that helps to apply the product evenly and this is one of the few mascaras that does not clump not matter how much coats I use. 

 I tried to take a closed look of my lashes but somehow my phone does not cooperate with me and the lighting is terrible inside my house and I couldn't capture my lashes just the way they are after applying this mascara. And they are huge and long and voluminous. And I really like that. (I promise to share a photo on instagram as soon as I take one that I like).

It also curls my lashes and it reaches the smallest ones, most mascaras have either large brush or too thick formula that cannot colour the small lashes in the corners. It lasts all day on me, does not flake and it easy to remove it with a micellar water and a cotton pad. I am really impressed with this, yes this product is not new but as long as it works and makes my lashes big and voluminous, this is fine by me.

Have you tried this mascara?? What is your favourite??

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