Two lipsticks I must wear more - Wet 'n' Wild Cherry Picking & Stoplight Red

If you are a lipstick hoarder like me, you must fully understand my pain. I have so many lipsticks but I only wear the same 5-6 I really love and put aside really good ones and forget I have them. I usually take photos for a blog post, put them away and then forget all about them.

I purchased these two Wet 'n' Wild lipsticks a long time ago and I only used them once or twice so I put both of them in my makeup bag and I plan to wear them every day in rotation for a week or two.

The formula of these lipsticks is slightly creamy, some shades are less and some creamier but they glide nicely on the lips. The colour is rich and very pigmented and produce an impressive amount of colour with just one swipe. These claim to last up to 4 hours but on me they last longer if I don't drink or eat. They leave a velvety, semi-matte finish but some shades feel drier than other on the lips. For example, Sugar Plum Fairy which is a dark pink vampy shade is gorgeous but you need to apply a lip balm before applying this otherwise it will dry your lips so bad.

The packaging is not good; the tube does not host the lipstick fully and I always create a mess trying to put the clear plastic cap on and the colour gets everywhere. In fact, I think last night I ruined Cherry Picking. I applied it on my lips and when I finished, I didn't twist it down and when I put the cap on, a massive amount was all over the cap. Aghhh! 

These lipsticks leave a stain after 4 hours depending on their shade. Cherry Picking leaves a light pink stain and Stoplight Red leaves a soft red orangey stain.

Cherry Picking - it is a bright fuchsia pink colour 

Stoplight Red - it is a bright cool toned red and it's similar to Mac Russian Red

Have you tried the Wet 'n' Wild Megalast lipsticks? Which one is your favourite?

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