Three W7 pink nude lipsticks to wear now

Hello everyone!! I hope you are having a lovely Friday and I sure am, since I am enjoying a lovely warm weather. Spring is the season when we change our closet, change our makeup routine and of course for us lipstick junkies, re-discover our beautiful pink and nude lipstick shades (or buy new ones!)

 W7 has became one of my favourite brands for affordable lipsticks and there are so many shades to choose from. 

Today I have three of my newest additions, all pink nude shades since I started to get a little bored of dark reds, plums and berries.

The packaging of these lipsticks is a simple sleek black tube with the exact shade at the bottom and the name written also at the bottom. I love when brands do this cause it makes it easier to find the lipstick you are looking for (in the case you own too many lipsticks like me!).

These lipsticks are creamy and soft when applied, which I really like since I got so bored of the dry liquid formulas that are on trend at the moment. I prefer to use the classic creamy and moisturising lipstick I always did (before the hype of the liquid lipsticks) and I don't mind re-applying it every 3-4 hours. They also transfer and do not stay on the lips after a meal so I always keep them in my bag.

They are nicely pigmented, produce a lot of colour with 1-2 swipes and give a nice satin finish. They also have a nice sweet scent but it does not last for long.

Lady Luck: this lipstick is a matte pinkish brown shade that looks awesome on. It is so similar to MAC Velvet Teddy and this one stays longer on than the other two lipsticks. It is also less creamier than the other two. I know I will use this lipstick a lot for every day at the office and I was looking for a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy and I think I found it.

Sahara: a coral pink shade I will wear mostly in spring and summer. 

Pink Sand: a nude shade slightly lighter than Lady Luck and perfect for no-makeup days.

Have you tried these? What lipsticks are you wearing this time of the year?

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