Makeup I have been using every day

Hello girls! Today I am back with another post and I would like to talk about my current makeup routine and the products I use every morning before I leave the house. I usually don't have more than 10-15 minutes to do my ''perfect makeup'', so my routine is simple and I only use basic products. These are some of my current favourite products I reach for every morning.

Angel Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Palette - Out On The Town  I talked about this palette here in January when I first purchased it. It has 4 matte and 3 shimmery shades and they blend nicely together. I could say that this is a 'winter' palette since the shades are dark but I have been using it to create a soft smokey eye for every day and sometimes in combination with the other two palettes that have more pink and nude shades than this one.

Sleek Goodnight Sweetheart Palette
This palette features 12 warm shades, both matte and shimmery and I have created many different looks using only this one. My favourite shades are By The Fireside (left corner,second row) which is a beautiful dark pink, Velvet Wrap (first row, second shade) which is a shimmery plum shade and L.O.V.E. (first row, last shade) which is a shimmery light rose. All shades are richly pigmented, soft, they blend together like a dream and they stay on for hours.

City Color Collection Natural Shadow Palette
I purchased this palette a long time ago but didn't use it until recently. In fact, I was watching KathleenLights (I think it was a 'how I organize my makeup' video) and she picked one or two City Color Palettes and said these were dupes for some other palettes and she picked them up to make a dupe video, and I remembered saying 'hey, I've got a City Color Palette too' so it has become a stable since then.  

This palette has 10 neutral shades and it is extremely affordable (I think it was $3.99).  The shades are slightly shimmery but highly pigmented and I love the warm brown and tan colours.

ColourPop Between The Sheets blush - this is a long wearing blush with a creamy formula and the most beautiful mid-tone pink shade. Looks lovely when applied and needs layering in order to get a good amount of colour. The packaging is adorable and perfect for a small makeup bag.

W7 Duo Blusher - this product features two shades in a plastic compact, the one in a beautiful dark pink shade and the other one is a bronzer. I never use each product individually but I swipe my brush on both shades and apply on my cheeks. It is highly pigmented and lasts about 5 hours on the cheeks but sadly, there is some fall out when applied and can be messy.

Essence Shading Powder 02 - I bought this product last year and totally forgot I had it so I started using it again. This has a bronzer and a highlighter and both shades have medium pigmentation. The highlighter is sheer and it sometimes disappears on the brush so you need to apply a lot of product on the cheeks to give them a nice glow. 

W7 Pink Sand lipstick - this is a lovely dark nude shade, perfect to wear in spring. I have been wearing this a lot on days when I make my eyeshadow more intense and keep the lips softer.

Wet 'n' Wild Wine Room lipstick - this is a muted-berry shade with red undertones, has a creamy formula and is long lasting.

Essence 03 BBF Sheer & Shine lipstick - this is a sheer rosy berry pink shade, has a creamy formula but does not last long on the lips and needs to be re-applied during the day. Perfect to wear on no-makeup days and just add a pop of colour on the lips.

NYX Tea Rose lipstick - this is a favourite of mine, a muted warm pink shade with great pigmentation, creamy and moisturising formula. 

What are the products you use every morning or when you are in a hurry?

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