L'oreal Mythic Oil Milk

loreal mythic oil milk

L'oreal is a brand I trust and use for years and I am always excited when they launch new products. I love to use their hair products - shampoo and masks - but also their oils and leave-in conditioners. 

I love to use oils in general and they are so beneficial for skin and hair. Oils nourish hair and deep condition and when you have thick frizzy hair like me, oils are a great way to tame frizziness. 

Also, oils are perfect for dry and damaged hair, and since I have been using heating tools and hair colour for so many years, my hair is so damaged and stiff and feels tired (can I say this for hair?) and it's in desperate need of a treatment or a leave-in conditioner almost every day.

Mythic Oil Milk is a product that has a milky texture and comes in a nice gold bottle.  It promises to leave hair well conditioned, soft and manageable. It does what it promises to do and much more. It is a leave-in treatment which you use whenever you want and I usually use this every other day. 

A must characteristic I always look after when buying a hair product is the scent; and this product smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g! It has a floral scent (roses I think) which I really love and it stays on for hours after applied. My fiance made a comment when I first used this and he said that my hair smelled incredible!

This product is absolutely amazing. It leaves a natural healthy looking shine to my hair but also smooth and sleek without weighing hair down or making it greasy. But remember to avoid roots when using oils, you only need to apply them from the middle part of hair to the ends. I noticed also that my hair feels light and with more volume which I really like, I hate when my hair is flat.

The bottle is so handy and it comes in a form of a spray. I only need a small amount, usually two or three sprays are enough for my long hair. If I use too much product, my hair feels oily and greasy so I make sure I only use the right amount. 

I really love using this product and I love the result it gives me. Sleek and healthy looking hair, who doesn't want that?

Have you tried this product before? What are your favorite L'oreal hair products?

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