Living with a german shepherd

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I am a proud mum of the cutest german shepherd that exists! We are so lucky to live with this amazing dog. We were looking to adopt a dog two years ago when I friend told us that this dog was three months old, all his siblings were adopted but this one was left alone.  


So the timing was perfect! He was perfect! We brought him home and we couldn't be happier. He is a member of our family and we love him so much. So today I would love to share a few things about what is like to live with a german shepherd.

(always by my side, even when I take outfit pictures haha)

-My dog's name is Tyrion (you guessed that right, we watch Game of Thrones haha) and he is two years old
-German shepherds are extremely intelligent. I am always amazed by the things he is doing and how he reacts in situations
-He is the most loyal animal and showing him that you love him will make him happier than he already is
-He needs cuddling all the time
-Learns fast and training isn't difficult at all
-We had some accidents at the beginning but later he learned and started behaving correctly
-He shows unconditional love and loyalty
-He is always excited to see us returning home from work
-He is always in the mood for playing. 20 hours out of 24, he is holding his toy or ball with his teeth, begging to play with him
-Needs to exercise every day and go for walks at least twice a day
-He is very energetic
-He thinks he is the king of the neighbourhood! He likes to watch other dogs walking by but he thinks he is superior haha
-He needs a large amount of toys to play with. And balls. He needs balls!
-He needs toys to chew. And he will chew everything and anything that gets in his way
-He recognises us both as 'his parents' but when we are both in the room, he chooses his dad. German shepherds choose one person to be dedicated to him
-I used to sleep in the couch for a month when he had his surgery 8 months ago, so I could take care of him during the night (he is my baby after all and the love of my life..sorry Mike..)

Tyrion has also an Instagram account if you want to follow!

Thanks for visiting today and I will see you soon!


  1. Τα καλύτερα σκυλιά!!!!Πανέμορφα και με υπέροχο χαρακτήρα!
    Ο δικός μου έχει 2 χρόνια που μας άφησε και ακόμη δεν το έχω ξεπεράσει..:(
    Να τον χαίρεσαι,είναι κουκλί <3

  2. He's so cute! I know how it's to be a dog owner xD I have Bichon Frise <3 Great post!

  3. Aww what a great dog, I love dogs! I followed the instagram account too. I have one for my dog as well haha.

    Gemma x

    1. Thank you so much Gemma! Followed yours too!

  4. German Shepherds are easily my favourite breed of dog. Tyrion is beautiful! x

  5. He is adorable, I love dogs.


  6. German Shepherds are such beautiful dogs! He's lovely :)

    Corinne x

  7. What a sweet post, Yiota.
    I've never had a dog, but I'm sure it's an amazing experience.

  8. So cute! x

  9. I am scared of big dogs! I always have been. My dog has his own Insta too.

  10. Aww I loved this! It's so cute how your dog acts like the king of the neighbourhood. My cat also used to do that thing where he liked me, but he'd run for my Mum instead if she was there! I got used to it though :)

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  11. fun to learn more about german shepherds! your dog is awesome!

  12. such a beautiful dog!

  13. Tyrone is super adorable!! You are so lucky to have each other! I love German Shepherds! <33
    Have a great weekend and enjoy time playing with him!

  14. cute ! :)

  15. We are huge dog lovers and Tyrion is such a cutie! We didn't know they usually chose one person to be dedicated to, how interesting!

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