Korres Wild Rose Brightening Mask

If you are a regular reader here (I hope you are), you should know by now that I love face masks. In fact, I have tried a remarkable amount of face masks until now. I love how they nourish the skin, clean it in the case of clay masks and I love how my skin feels after I use a face mask.

Korres is a greek company that I have been following for years and I have tried many products from them.  I bought this brightening mask cause firstly, I loved that a large number of the ingredients are natural, it has no parabens, mineral oil, silicones, propylene glycol or ethanolamines, and secondly, I wanted this product to do what it is claiming to do: brighten my skin.  It is suitable for all skin types and also promises an instant brightening effect visible upon application.

I like the packaging a lot. The tube makes the product easier to use instead of a pot and I love that you don't stick your fingers into it. Just squeeze the tube and the required amount you will need will come out and ready to use.

This mask has a strange texture; it is thin and the colour is white (reminds me of yoghurt), applies nicely but it does not get fully absorbed. In fact, I noticed that only the tiniest amount was absorbed and the mask was just ''sitting'' there. I am glad that it was not uncomfortable to wear and did not dry my skin at all and I felt really nice when I had the mask on.

However, the results were strange to me. Whilst it gave my skin a glow and made it softer, it didn't give to my skin a great amount of moisture and the results didn't last for long. I mean, my skin was bright when I washed this product off but after a while, I felt that I haven't used this mask at all. Also, I felt that my skin was cleaner than usual, but still, I didn't want my skin to feel cleaner after using this, I wanted to feel brighter and stay like this. And it didn't.

This mask is ok. Good to use if you are going out and need a pick-me-up product or after a hangover, but I wouldn't use it in order to see any dramatic results.  I believe that there are many great masks out there that do brighten skin and do a better job than this one. I wouldn't repurchase it cause I would love to try a different mask that will make my skin feel super!

Have you tried this mask? What is your favourite product from Korres?


  1. I've never tried anything by Korres. It's a bummer that it has such short-lived results. It sounds like it should be so moisturizing for so long!

    Thanks for the honest review!


  2. That's too bad! Unfortunately I've noticed that most masks that promise to provide instant radiance have very short-lived results... I hope you find one that really has a lasting effect!


  3. I never tried it but I bet it is very good


  4. I love the Wild Rose range from Korres but have yet to try this mask. That's too bad it wasn't as great as you had hoped!

    xo, Liz

  5. I have never tried this product before but it sounds a little disappointing! Though wild rose smell must be quite nice but I hate when products don't have lasting effects. Love your photos though, that background is amazing!

    Tash xx

  6. That is such a shame! I thought you will love this but if the effect is only temporary then it defeats the purpose. :-(

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Loved reading this. Please check out my latest article on 10 things I will miss about summer!

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  8. I've never tried masks from Korres.. this one sounds okay. I like ren glycolic mask for brightening my skin.

  9. Korres is one my FAVORITE lines. I would love to try this mask and their Rose line is so incredibly popular. I also love that they don't over price their products. Great products, reasonable prices. NICE!!

  10. Aww too bad about this product. I love Korres products but have not tried this specific product. Nice to hear your thoughts.

  11. I'm always trying to find new masks, sucks this one didn't work out!
    Kathy x

  12. This brand is new to me but I would love to try out some of their products. It's a shame that this one wasn't good!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  13. I love this! Thanks for sharing. ♥ xx

    Mai | Ohiamiht

  14. I've never heard of that brand, to be honest... But it's too bad it didn't work... I would really love to see a post all about masks... your favorites, and favorites for what they do :) I'm sorry if you've already done that post, and I missed it :) x


  15. I haven't tried a lot of things from Korres and I haven't tried this particular mask but I have tried another one from the brand but I wasn't too impressed with it. I finished it up because I didn't want my money to be wasted but I wouldn't repurchase it either. Thanks for your honest review on this one!

    Face to Curls | http://facetocurls.com

  16. It's a pity this mask didn't give you the results yo were hoping to see, though at least you can trust it to help clean your face :) Korres usually gets a massive thumbs up from me, thanks for reminding me of the brand!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  17. You know what's funny? the best, most dramatic mask I have ever used was straight up mud from the dead sea. It was absolutely free- (well, the plane ticket cost a lot), I took two huge containers home, and I see brightening, cleansing and softening results the next day. Every time I go out on a date I use the mud on my face-- follow up with some organic coconut oil, and my skin feels and looks amazing. works like a charm. lovely picture by the way!


  18. Too bad the effect diminish too soon, I think this kind of mask is supposed to wear before we wear make-up for extra radiance, but it still sucks to now it's not working as we expected it to be.

    Selene Addicted

  19. Sounds like this mask was a bit of disappointment. Temporary effects aren't the best :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  20. Lovely review, that ks for sharing your thoughts
    Have a lovely weekend

  21. I've not heard of this brand before but I have to say it's so refreshing to read an honest review! So many nowadays are just 'buy this! It's amazing!' so I really liked having your honest opinion!

    Musings & More

  22. Its a shame that it wasn't the best mask ever, its nice to see an honest review! x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

  23. Thats disappointing that it wasnt the best, thanks for the review :)


  24. I haven't tried anything from Korres before but it's a pity the results didn't last long with this mask!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  25. I haven't tried this mask, but if it's not moisturizing then it's probably not for me! I have super dry skin and need plenty of hydration from my skincare.


  26. Wow! it looks and sounds nice. I've never tried the product either. Thanks for sharing.


  27. Thanks for the honest review! I'm trying out their brightening tone corrector, which I haven't seen much results, but I love the oil!

    Macarons and Mischief

  28. Its a shame about the mask. I like a brightening mask to hydrate my skin, so I'm not sure if I would by it x

    Pink Frenzy