Christian Breton BB Cream*

If you are a regular reader here, you must know that I love medium/light coverage and I haven't used a heavy foundation for years. I love natural looking makeup for every day and BB creams have been a part of my makeup routine since they were released many years ago.

A BB cream gives coverage whilst offering hydration and some sunscreen properties. I, of course, use additional products for  sun protection, living in a country that has 8 months of summer and hot sun requires extra protection.

I received the Christian Breton BB Cream* a month ago and I have been testing it in many occasions. I wear it every day at the office and I even used it on a Saturday evening when we went out for drinks. I used this BB Cream for my base and it was great, it gave me a lovely medium coverage and the 'illusion' I was wearing foundation when I wasn't! 

Works as a perfect base and doesn't feel heavy at all. It comes in two shades, light and medium and I received medium which is the perfect shade for me, now that the sun is out and I started getting the tan I always get from the beginning of spring due to the inevitable and unavoidable sun exposure, every summer I get one or two shades darker than I normally am. 

This BB Cream is lightweight and hydrates the skin, giving a  natural matte looking finish. My skin is combination to oily and this cream lasts all day on me, from 6am until 5pm which is amazing, anything for a product that doesn't make my already oily skin look greasy and shiny.

This BB Cream has a powerful and unique formula with:
 Pomegranate extract: great antioxidant. This is an excellent anti-aging ingredient.
Hyaluronic acid: excellent anti-wrinkle ingredient. It promotes the natural growth of new skin cells and hydrates skin deep.
 Allantoin: helps regenerate skin's tissues.

I am really happy with this product and I recommend this BB Cream, if you want a lightweight product that hydrates your skin and also gives you medium coverage that lasts all day, this is for you.

Do you use BB Creams? What is your fave?

*I was given this product for review purposes, however, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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