Wet 'n' Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara

I always love a good bargain and I am the kind of girl that prefers to have options. I prefer to have many and affordable items instead of having one and expensive.  I get easily bored and because my budget is not great, I usually buy products from more affordable brands.

Wet 'n' Wild is one of them.  I tried a variety of products during the last years and they are good. Really good.  

First of all, the packaging.  I love pink colour and I must admit that 90% of my decision to purchase this was because of the colour. Yes, I am not lying, I love everything pink.  The tube is a bit bulkier than other tubes I have tried and makes it a little difficult to use.  Where you hold the wand is larger than usual and in an odd shape, so you end up making an extra effort to hold it with your fingers and close to your eyelashes. 

Furthermore, the formula of this is not wet, but drier than a typical every day mascara and the product is generally thin. I've experienced mascaras in the past that had an extremely thick formula that it couldn't be used. It applies really well without clamping and stays on without flaking.  I usually need 5-6 coats to give definition and length and it definitely gives length, but you will need a couple of more coats to define them and make them darker.  It stays on for 7-8 hours and I am very pleased about it.

The wand is plastic and in a good size and the bristles small, and does not pick much product, so you have to dip it again and again in the tube to get more product.  I really like when you get the right amount of the product and you build it yourself instead of getting all messy with too much product.

 (apologies for the crappy picture...face with no makeup, no concealer, just mascara)

Overall, I like to use this product for a natural everyday makeup to give my lashes some length and the right amount of definition for my day at the office.  But for a night time look, this mascara does not have it. I wouldn't use it with a smokey eye for example, as it would not give definition at all and my lashes would be invisible.  But for everyday use, I think that it does the job nicely.  

I give this mascara ⋆⋆⋆

Have you tried the Wet 'n' Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara?  What is your favourite mascara for every day look?


  1. oh..i loved this mascara...u r just like me dear... i also like anything thats pink..really loved the post and the pictures are so great...
    keep in touch

  2. I haven't tried this but it sounds really good! Great post.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. It looks like it gave some great length to your lashes but I prefer a wetter formula xx

  4. This gives really impressive length! Great for a daytime look, as you say, but like you I would want something with a little more volumising for evening. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  5. Wet n wild makes some really good products. Love how afforadable they are !

  6. I am always on a hunt for bargains!! I always look for mascaras that would add length, volume because I basically don't have any so I probably wouldn't reach for this unless I really wanted a natural look! Great review :)
    Kathy x

  7. Holy Molly, I'm definitely trying this out! The length it gives you is insane. Thanks for the rec!

    Selene Addicted

  8. Looks pretty, I prefer something more dramatic though!


  9. I love the packaging - so pink and girly! X

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

  10. I've never heard of this mascara before, the only problem is Wet N Wild is really tricky fr me to get hold of since I'm in the UK :(
    Enjoyed reading this post,
    Kayleigh xo

  11. I can totally see myself buying this mascara based on the packaging alone, as well - the hot pink colour is just so gorgeous! I can't say I'm too impressed with the effect, though. Whilst I can see that it gives your lashes some nice length, personally I love dramatic volume even on a casual basis. :) Thanks for this honest review, hun! <3 Hope you're well. <3


  12. It looks really good! I actually prefer natural mascaras for everyday and Wet n' Wild is an amazing brand! I like how your lashes look, so polished and separated. Great review!

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

  13. I've never tried anything from Wet N Wild before but have read that there's some great beauty gems to be found. This looks and sounds like a fantastic everyday mascara x

    Beauty with charm

  14. You're right, this does look perfect for the day but not as great for the night. I am looking for a new day mascara so I'll have to pick this up.

    xo, Christina

  15. It looks like a great mascara, gave your lashes some length which I love.


  16. Ahhh sounds great, thanks for sharing! Such a great post. :)

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com/
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz

  17. It looks really good - you can see the difference quite well in that pic :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  18. The pink packaging looks so lovely indeed haha, would probably buy it because of it too! Love the result though! Xx


  19. I hadn't heard of this brand but the packaging looks amazing!

    http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy x

  20. I've not tried anything from this brand before, it seems like a lovely mascara x

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

  21. Looks like a decent mascara! Especially for the price point - although I am not a big fan of pink, this is very eye catching! The wand looks nice and it definitely plumps up your lashes at least a bit (unless the look you're going for is spider leg lashes, it sounds great!)

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  22. Thanks for amazing review! I'd love to buy this one :) It looks amazing x


  23. Never tried Wet n Wild mascaras. But now I have to check it out.

  24. I have tried only one Wet n Wild mascara, the long purple tube and hated it. It did nothing for my lashes. :-( I do find L'Oreal and Maybelline mascara are best for me.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  25. This looks like a good mascara! Thanks for sharing

    Darriyan xo

  26. I love affordable and good quality vise products. This mascara sounds amazing!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  27. Oh if only I'd seen this post before I went on my hols. I was in Italy and stumbled across a Wet n Wild stand - I was in my element!!

    Victoria x