Vacation mode

When you live on a beautiful island and popular tourist attraction, you always feel like you are on vacation. I am so lucky to call this place home and enjoy for 365 days what others enjoy for one or two weeks on their summer holidays. 

I talked many times here on my blog about Cyprus and why you must visit if you haven't (posts here and here). The beautiful beaches, bars, the endless white sand, the sunny warm weather, all these makes this island the ideal destination for summer. Greek islands are also very popular for summer vacation and I see lots of posts from lifestyle bloggers doing photoshoots on several greek islands. 

So far, I've been to Paros, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Creta, Zante, Rhodes and Samos and all these islands are so different but all so pretty and special. 

Each island offers a unique experience with their landscape, amazing beaches, white washed buildings with blue windows and traditional villages. The common characteristics these islands have is the crystal clear blue or green water, the sunshine you will enjoy sipping a cocktail by the beach,  the green natural scenery and the greek hospitality. And greek food, omg, have you ever tried gyros, the ultimate greek food? 

Have you booked your summer vacation yet? 

Where are you heading to this year?

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