How to style a scarf or hairband for summer

For as long as I remember myself, I always loved to dress up and followed fashion trends. I love clothes and shoes but most of all, accessories. Any piece can make a simple outfit more special and upgrade the most dull and monochromatic clothes.

Scarves are a great accessory  that can be used in so many ways in an outfit. I love to use scarves on my bags to give them a different vibe and also make them more colourful. My bags are usually monochrome and plain, so the addition of a scarf takes them to another level and you know me, I love to add colour to my summer/winter outfits.

I love to wear my hair in a bun when the temperature is extremely high in summer and the addition of a scarf around the bun gives a retro vibe and makes it more wearable. Just wrap the bandana around the bun and hide the knot at the back.

Scarves come in so many colors and patterns. Also, hairbands are so popular this season and I bought a couple of them from Ali, this one and also this polka dot one. Scarves and hairbands keep hair in place and also, protect my hair from the damaging rays of sun, it's the perfect accessory for summer vacation and days at the beach.

Do the same with a low ponytail but this time, tie the scarf or bandana and leave the two ends loose.

Do you use scarves and hairbands? What is your fave way of using them in your outfits?

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