Forever on holidays

Monday afternoon my husband came home from work and told me to get ready cause he had a surprise for me. And what a surprise!! We spent two days in a beautiful hotel in Paphos and it was the most amazing experience I've had recently.

I took two days off work (thank god I have a job that gives me the freedom to take time off whenever I want) and we traveled to Paphos (Paphos is located to the west side of Cyprus, we live in the east side). The hotel was a four star beach hotel and their facilities included a water park, two swimming pools, huge gardens and of course bars and cafeterias. It was paradise! 

Paphos is only 2 hours from where we live and it was like I was on a proper vacation, it was a lovely getaway and a great chance to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

We woke up early in the morning, I wanted to spend as much time possible at the pool with a cocktail in my hand. The breakfast buffet was huge, I wanted to eat everything from scrabbled eggs to muffins to pancakes with chocolate but it was impossible, I never eat this early in the morning so I had my regular coffee and some toast and scrabbled eggs.

We spent the rest of the days at the pool and at the beach that was in front of the hotel and it was incredible. This hotel had everything I wanted; great food, free drinks all day every day, entertainment, two pools to relax and enjoy the sun, a room with an amazing view. 

It was an amazing getaway for the two of us and he promised to do that again soon. I am so ready!

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Hope you are having a lovely Friday and I will see you soon!!

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