Watermelon on the beach

And I am talking about the cutest beach throw I could have ever found.  A watermelon beach throw*. Isn't it the cutest and most unique beach accessory you have ever seen?

Funny story, I usually send my husband to the post office to pick my parcels and pr packages and sometimes I order a couple of things myself but I always lie to him and say they are all pr packages haha. Not that he has a problem when I buy things but I can't justify buying more items, whether these are new clothes, new makeup or new skincare because my room is full, and I MEAN FULL!!!

Now back to our story, when he gets home from the post office, he usually helps me to open the parcels, hoping that there is something for him too and when he saw this watermelon beach throw*, he immediately said: this is for me right? No, I said this is for us when we go to the beach. No he said, I will take this throw with me when I go fishing to put my fishing accessories on it and keep them clean. WHAT? No honey, you are not gonna put your fishing accessories and bait and all that smelly fish on my brand new watermelon beach throw. I got this for the beach and this is the only place this beautiful beach throw will be used.

I hope I don't get home one day searching for it and find it under all the fishing equipment smelling fish. I really really hope so!

*I was gifted this item for review purposes from Dresslily, all opinions are my own and 100% honest. Shop summer essentials here!

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