Covers for iPhone X

I changed my phone last September before my wedding, I wanted to have the best quality regarding photos so I chose one with a fab camera to take everyday photos and also my blog photos.

But unfortunately, I didn't think I needed a cover for my phone. And I learned that the hard way since one day it fell off my hands and broke. I was sad and miserable. My husband's reaction was 'I told you so' and I couldn't believe I was so stupid. Every phone needs a cover for protection.

Today I teamed up with FYYSTORE to bring you the best phone cases. FYY specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling mobile phone cases and also laptop bags, tablet cases and business card cases. There is a leopard laptop bag I have been eyeing, it's so pretty and you know how much I love leopard print.

There are many designs to choose from, for iPhone X to Samsung S series.

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