Are you a fan of animal print?

Let's talk about leopard print, shall we?
If you scroll down to your favourite fashion bloggers on instagram, you will see it. Leopard print is everywhere. Instagram, online shops, fashion blogs, on the street, it's everywhere I tell you!

And I couldn't be happier because I LOVE THIS PRINT. I always loved it, even before it was popular and fortunately, I own many items in my wardrobe so I don't need to spend much this season. Speaking of spending too much, I recently purchased a lovely pleated leopard print skirt from Ali Express and I wore it yesterday for the first time and let me tell you, I am in love.

It is lightweight and the print is gorgeous and exactly like the photo in the description of the listing. It has an elastic waist and a lining underneath. It's versatile and can be worn throughout the year and also in many occasions. Either you pair it with a tank top and sandals for summer or a black jumper and boots for fall, you can't go wrong with either options because it's a beautiful piece. 

Do you like leopard print that is so popular at the moment?

What are your recent fashion purchases?

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