End of summer

Summer is over; but not exactly over. We have an extented summer here in Cyprus and we still enjoy the sunny weather and also the beach. But there is a difference in temperature between day and night. It gets so chilly after 6pm and I love it!! I brought out all my cardigans, hoodies and socks and I think I am ready for fall!!

We haven't had much time to visit the beach in August with our wedding preparations but the weather is appropriate for doing that in September and October too so why not?

And what's the best way to celebrate the last days of summer than doing our favourite activities?

Watch your favourite series on tv; what can be better than relaxing in front of the tv? We are planning on doing a marathon of Game of Thrones and watch all last episodes and get ready for the last and final series. Couldn't be more excited and anxious at the same time!!! Game of Thrones is ending. I will definitely miss it.

Eat ice cream. Eat every day until it begins to rain and get cold. We love ice cream and we usually go out and have one 2-3 times a week. Favourite flavors? Chocolate of course, lemon and rose. Omg rose flavor is a traditional flavor here and if you haven't tried it, you really must.

Gather your family members or friends and play board games; Scrabble, UNO, Monopoly, Domino, Trivial Pursuit or any game you like. And order pizza of course!

Now that our wedding is over, we plan to visit the beach as much as we can. It doesn't matter if summer is ending, here the warm temperatures continue until the end of October so visiting the beach is normal for us crazy Cypriots!!

Another fun way of celebrating and welcoming fall, is planning a barbeque. Invite all your friends and have the best day eating and drinking and also, plan some games to enjoy with your kids.

Spend your Saturday outside and enjoy the lovely weather and nature. We love to do that and we also take Tyrion with us, he loves to be outside and take long walks (and sniff every single rock and flower haha).

Best thing to welcome fall? Go shopping and buy all the fluffy sweaters and jumpers of course!!! When the season changes, I usually declutter my closet and give away items I dont' wear (or items that don't fit) and I replace some with new items.

What is the weather like in your part? What activities are you planning to do now that the summer is over?

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