Bourjois Rouge Velvet Flaming Rose Lipstick

If you want a lipstick to wear for every occasion, I've got you covered. This is the one. The Bourjois Rouge Velvet Flaming Rose Lipstick 02.

It is a beautiful light pink shade that compliments any smokey eye look and it is also amazing for every day use.

The formula is amazing. It is creamy and soft which makes so easy to apply, feels almost like butter. Pigmentation is nice but I usually apply more than two coats to achieve full coverage. It dries after a couple of minutes of applying it on my lips.

It leaves a semi-matte finish, it is extremely comfortable to wear and it does not dry my lips. I would call this shade 'your natural lip color but slightly better and brighter' but it actually is a beautiful light pink nude.

It is enhanced with hydrating waxes, light oils and rich pigments that provide velvety finish and rich colour. 

It is supposed to be longlasting with a mark of 24 hours and that claim always sounds crazy to me since I don't know anyone who can wear full makeup for 24 hours straight nor you can test it for that many hours. 

But this is definitely long lasting on my lips, it survives my morning coffee and breakfast and lasts up to five hours before re-applying it. 

Have you tried this lipstick?

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