W7 Yummy Eyes Baked Eyeshadows

I rarely buy single eyeshadows, at least I haven't bought any in the last 3 or 4 years (with the exception of my beloved Colourpop eyeshadows). I saw these W7 Baked Eyeshadows in a shop the other day and even though I knew I didn't need any new eyeshadows, when I swatched these at the back of my hand, I knew I had to have them.

And I am so glad I decided to bring these home with me. W7 offers affordable products and is well known for creating dupes for high end palettes, or at least this brand tries to create dupes because the quality can't be always the same. A $10 palette can't be the same quality wise with a $50, don't you agree? But I am a sucker for dupes and great offers so I have been trying many palettes from W7 lately.

I bought two shades, Cafe Latte and Gold Dust, both beautiful shades. Cafe Latte which is the lighter one isn't as pigmented as the other one but so so pretty. I have been using this one all over my eyelid as a base and also to the inner corner of my eyes to highlight them. It is a shimmery shade and also leaves tiny glitters to its finish. 

It is advised to use these eyeshadows with a wet brush for a metallic look. I tried this once for a night out and yes, it worked brilliantly for my evening makeup. It needs a light hand with the darker shade because it is so pigmented and you can mess up the look and want to start all over again (talking from experience!!).

These are so nice for everyday looks now that festive season is approaching and I have been using sparkly and glittery eyeshadows since the beginning of the month (I even painted my nails with glitter nail polish, is it too early? haha).

Hope you are having a beautiful day and I will see you soon!!!

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