What we wore - couples edition

For us women, dressing up is easy. I think it's in our nature to play dress up and glam ourselves. I remember when I was little, I loved wearing dresses from the age of 5, other kids were wearing tracksuits and jeans but no, this girl wanted to dress up and when I say dress up, I mean full outfit and accessories (earrings or necklaces) and I always carried a handbag with my necessities (what are the necessities of a 5 year old? I don't know, candy perhaps?).

But men, oh boy, men and dressing up isn't something easy. When I met my fiance, he had a nice taste in clothing, he loved to wear nice shirts with his jeans, jumpers and also cardigans and scarves and he co-ordinated these items together to some great looks. But these days, he is bored. I mean, his taste hasn't changed but he doesn't want to put much effort on what he wears. The only thing he feels comfortable in wearing is jeans and t-shirts, and believe me, he has more t-shirts than me.

So, I stepped in and took care everything haha. When I do some online shopping, I always call him and asked him if he likes this or that, and I always receive the same answer: order whatever you want. So I order whatever I want and he better like it and wear it!!!

Today I have a couples edition on what we wore last week when we went out to meet some of our friends for coffee. I wore a lovely black dress with leaf print and he wore jeans and a white polo shirt that he is obsessed with.

Our outfits:

White polo-shirt*

*I was sent these items for free from Dresslily but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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