The accessories you need for spring

''If we had no winter, spring wouldn't be so pleasant.''

This quote sums it all up! One of the most beautiful seasons, spring is here. Everything comes back to life, plants grow, the weather warms up, it is so beautiful. 

However, the weather is so strange at the moment. If you are following me on instagram (here) you must have seen my latest photos spent outside in nature and the beautiful scenery. Some days it is warm and sunny but other days it is cold, the weather can't decide already. But I am not complaining, I've seen everyones' instagram stories last week and it snowed in most European countries so yes, I consider myself a lucky girl.

Today I have a wishlist featuring some lovely colourful accessories that brighten up any outfit and also our mood. Pink, mint green and also red colour are on trend right now, I am not a huge fan of red but I've seen it paired with blue and looks great.

      Pink ribbon sneakers               

Green floral iphone case                    Cactus iphone case

Hope you are having a lovely start of the week and I will seen you soon!

*This wishlist is in collaboration with Zaful for 
Zaful Womens Day 2018 Special Promotion.

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