My everyday brow routine - Technic Browmazing

My brows are thick (just like my hair), curly and shapeless, one brow is the perfect brow where the other is ''the little brother who looks up to his oldest and wants to be like him' or 'wannabe perfect brow'! They grow in such a different way, one is almost curvy and the other has a soft arch. So in other words, I have two different eyebrows.

My routine isn't perfect and I don't aim to do 'instagram perfect' brows, but natural looking brows that are slightly more defined to frame my face nicely.

First step is brushing my eyebrows using a spoolie to 'create' their shape before filling them. Even though my brows are thick, there are some gaps from when my hair stopped growing (I think) so I need to fill them. I started using the Technic BrowMazing* a few months ago and it's the easiest product you can use to fill your eyebrows.

I start filling them from the middle part of my brows and going upwards to create the arch. I don't want to use too much product there, it would make them look unnatural and fake.

I always take a tiny amount of product and work with that, I find it easier not to have much product on the brush and avoid any mess, so I take it slowly. Then, I fill the gaps and try to make them even as much as I can.

This is the perfect product for me since it is long lasting, fast drying and water resistant which is a bonus. With spring arriving soon and summer next, I will be spending a lot of my time at the beach and with this product, I will not have to worry about getting it all over my face.

It is available in two shades, Medium Brown and Black/Brown and I am so glad I received the latter since dark brown is my natural colour.

Have you tried this product? What brow products are you using at the moment?

*I received this item for review purposes but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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