Changes for 2018

Whilst getting older, we get wiser. Or at least, this is what people usually say. During my journey to reach my 37 years of life, I always remember setting goals and wanting to achieve things.
Not only things, we want to make our dreams come true. But dreams is a general perspective to what we actually want and I always set short-term and small goals, which is always easier to accomplish.

So these are some things I want to change in 2018 and how I am planning and organising my life to make these things happen. It will be a slow but steady process, these things cannot be done from one day to another.

Set goals and write them down so I can refer to them any time. It really important to know how far I want to go and what to achieve every day, every week, every month.

Get out more - I love to spend time outside the house but now in winter it is too cold to do so. I finish work at 3 and I go home, change my clothes into my pjs and stay inside until next morning. I want to change that and get moving.

Surround myself with positive people - I've had enough with 'friends' that come to me only in need of something and then disappear. I only want people who love me, support me no matter what and will always be there for me. 

Learning to say no - this is really important for me. I grew up in a loving family where me and my brother shared everything and helped each other with anything. If I had two, he would always get one and vice versa. If he had two similar toys he wouldn't use, he gave me one. Growing up, I always gave my things/money/help & support/time to others and I was always glad to help with anything. But people can be greedy. People are greedy. You give, give, give and others keep asking and asking and asking. They treat you like you are obliged to follow and if you say no, they will not accept it and be angry with you. So I must learn to say no more often for my own good and only.

Limit my intake of sugar - It all started during festive season and there is no ending. I consumed a large amount of sweets, pastries, donuts, chocolates, cakes etc so I must put an end to it. If not eliminate them totally from my diet, reduce my intake to 1-2 portions per week will do.

 Fill my fridge with fruits and vegetables and avoid stocking on unhealthy foods such as sweets, chocolate and crisps. If you want something sweet in the afternoon and you don't have cookies or chocolate in the house, you will eat a fruit and you will be satisfied. That's a fact.

Grow my blog and work with more brands. Blogging has given me so many opportunities and it's true what they say, hard work really pays off. I can't wait to see what 2018 will bring in this area of my life.

I wish everyone a happy new year and I hope 2018 is a year filled with love, success, happiness and lots of happy moments!!

Here's to a beautiful 2018!

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