25 Blogmas ideas

December is here and it's the favourite month for many of us. The happiest season for kids and adults. I started planning my Christmas posts a long time ago but life gets in the way and with out move and everything, I didn't have much time to balance work, life, blogging and also do a blog post every day for December so no blogmas for me this year.

But while planning a few months ago, I did a huge list of ideas for blog posts and I thought I would share with you in case you are doing blogmas and need inspiration. So here are a few ideas for posts and I hope you find it helpful.

Gift guides for family/friends/kids/boyfriend/pet
Christmas day makeup and outfit
Christmas decoration and setting up the Christmas tree
Christmas playlist (I have been playing Michael Buble  Christmas Songs Special every day!)
Best advent calendars
Christmas shopping
Christmas traditions of your country
The Christmas Tag (did this one last year)
Christmas movies to watch
The Harry Potter Tag
Things to do this festive season
How you spend your Christmas day
Winter skincare routine
Red lipsticks to wear in December
Wishlist - what do you want for Christmas?
Alphabetical 2017 - things you loved this year
Reflection on the year ending
The perfect lipstick for Christmas day
Ugly sweaters wishlist
Favourite recipes
DIY christmas decorations
Why you love Christmas
Glitter makeup - tutorial
Christmas haul
Gift wrapping ideas

Are you doing blogmas this year?

Hope you are having a lovely day and I will see you soon!

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