Things I love in December

What is Christmas and festive season without baking cookies and muffins and mince pies?
This year I want to try some new recipes and try something I haven't baked before, I was browsing for hours and found some new recipes I want to try and hopefully I will do some baking next week!
Ultimate chocolate chip cookies (recipe)
Spiced chocolate stars (recipe here)
Christmas truffles (recipe)
Cranberry orange bread (recipe)
Easy Christmas desserts (here)

Christmas songs
And while baking, a Christmas playlist will put you into the Christmas mood. My all time favourite is Michael Buble Christmas Mix, omg his voice is so soothing and the songs in this collection are truly amazing. Also, I love Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra Christmas Hits, another great collection of Christmas songs and also the classic-everyone-loves-this Mariah Carey Best Christmas songs.

Christmas movies
My top 5 include all Harry Potter movies, the first one being my ultimate fave, I love the presentation of this 'new magical world' that Harry is introduced to and all of us wishing we were at Hogwarts too and studying Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions (hello Professor Snape!).

Next on the list is Elf, Will Ferrell is hilarious in this movie and I could watch it every day. Also, the Holiday, a romantic movie where two women swap homes in different countries and spend Christmas away and of course, fall in love! Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, you can't go wrong with these two actresses. 

And how can anyone forget Home Alone, you are not celebrating Christmas if you are not watching Home Alone! Last but not least, the Santa Claus starring Tim Allen.

Walk around the neighbourhood to see the Christmas decor and lights
This is a new tradition to our house, we love to go outside or drive in our car and see our town's Christmas decoration and Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate. Today, we are planning to spend our afternoon down town and do some shopping and also see how they decorated, I will be posting a lot on my stories on instagram!

What things you love to do in December?

I hope you are having a beautiful Saturday! 9 more days until Christmas and I couldn't be happier!! 

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